Talons of War  -  risen like the phoenix

a clan since 2006

We now have two dedicated servers running 24/7 to play BeamMP! We hope you'll have fun and come back for more!


Modded: US-MI4.SCHOST.US:25571

Vanilla: US-MI6.SCHOST.US:25572



     Both these servers have limitations in place to keep players safe from harassment and griefing automatically, and these can be adjusted on-the-fly as needed if a mod/admin/owner is present (or a message to our Discord server, if we aren't available), and all temporary or permanent bans are shared between the two servers (as well as additional information). Bans are at the discretion of the mod, admin, or owner, and all permanent bans are final, without the chance of appeal. Specifically, both these servers, as well as our Discord server, are LGBT+ and furry friendly, and targeted harassment, use of slurs in chat, etc is grounds for an immediate permanent ban, without warning, regardless of context - take your 11 year-old ass the fuck home to cry about it. 🏳️‍🌈🐺


     The modded server, our main server, offers additional maps, cars, props, parts, UI apps, etc. This server usually provides 4-6GB of mods/maps, and changes maps rather often depending on player requests. While players can request maps or mods, they are just that, a request.


     Additional vehicles undergo a very strict testing and validation process, whereas each requirement was added because at least one vehicle did not pass the basic standard set by simply being a fully-functional automobile, which includes but is not limited to...


          - functional lighting; exterior: head/taillights, turn signals (left, right, hazard, any additional lighting features); interior: dash cluster background off + at least one illuminated level, turn signals, low + high beam headlights; they also need to appear correctly in the cluster (arrows etc instead of colored squares)

          - the light source must be in the appropriate position (no floating several inches from where it should be...)

          - all body panels (exterior and interior) are accounted for; this includes windows (seriously...)

          - no missing/incorrect textures (seriously...)

          - no reflective windows from the interior perspective

          - functional, usable mirrors on at least two (2) mirrors installed in/on the vehicle

          - the car must track straight (or have appropriate levels of torque steer/burnout)

          - the steering wheel must rotate correctly (no wobbling like an egg on a perfectly round wheel)

          - the car's wheels must be round (seriously...) and in alignment (no egg/wobble movement)

          - there must be no body clipping or deformities while in mint condition

          - the engine rpms must increase and decrease appropriately (seriously...)

          - oem badging is present (modded where appropriate)

          - it must pass a basic crash test without major physics oddities ("spikes", "jaggies", etc)

          - no incorrect car make/model (seriously...) in the menu

          - no cars that are unusually loud for the model, especially if it is while at idle

          - and, a land vehicle should not spontaneously float away (.....)


     Things that can be ignored (but are frowned upon)...

          - wrong color when initially selected/spawned

          - missing wheels when the default trim is selected (as long as wheels appear when selecting a specific trim)*

          - missing description text/stats

          - reflective reading/doe lights

          - headlight misalignment*

          (*this is being discussed)


     We have these strict requirements in place so that regardless of what vehicle you choose on our server, it will function as expected. Out of the 130+ cars we have tested, just 18 currently meet our standards. We want to highlight the best content that this community creates.



     The vanilla server only has a handful of mods for a few additional features, and is meant for those who are new to bNG/bMP, or have poor network connections or data restrictions.



     Additionally - though this is absolutely not required - on the modded server, for players who own a paid copy of the Cherrier Picnic (latest version 1.3), and/or the Gavril Scout (latest version 1.1), and/or the additional roof accessories (1.0) all by LucasBE, you can copy your mods from your BeamNG mod folder to your bMP resource folder (with no preliminary numbers; possibly unique numbers have to be removed to be recognized by the server, as well as the checksums, so no additional edits can be made). When you join the server, your copy will be checked against ours for validity, and if it matches, you will see your paid mod(s) in-game. Do note that only those who also own these mod and have followed these steps will be able to see your vehicle, as we give dummy files to those who lack the mod(s), or fail the checksum. We absolutely do NOT advocate piracy of a creator's content, and will NOT provide a copy of these files; you paid $25 for the game, you are likely using a computer worth $1,000+, you can afford $4 for a very high-quality mod, or you have huge financial issues. Pass on a latte, get a legit copy. Players who complain or beg for a copy will recieve bans.