Talons of War  -  risen like the phoenix

    a clan since 2006

    Our Original Core team, Back Again  (team is back, tell a friend)

    Dragon. Mostly does racing for FH4. Seasonal events are their jam. Trackmania, too.

    Owner of ToW; enjoys driving, stealth, shooters and simulation games. Personal website: wreckedcarzz.com

    Does a slew of games, but Halo and Tom Clancy most commonly for ToW. Big into space games. SPAAAACE.

    Formerly known as nimbuswalkerOG; irregular FH4 PGG and Halo games.





    Gallery (WIP)

    Forza Horizon 3 & 4

    Halo Wars 2

    Grand Theft Auto: Online

    Trackmania Turbo

    Some of the games we compete in and master

    Alliances with some. Respected by many. Feared by all.

    Joining the ranks

         Joining the clan is offered by invitation only, or by an existing member vouching for you; and while requests to join by non-invitees may be considered, that method is in no way a fast-track or guaranteed way of acceptance. Members are vetted for skill and strategy, as well as successful cooperation and effective teamwork, with or without verbal communication between members.

         If you want to play alongside us, regardless of group affinity, you can add us on the game, network, etc. We always like seeing friendly players to work together with. If you don't know who to add or what games and platforms you can find us on, you can contact wreckedcarzz for details.

    Other skilled, valued teammates include (updated 2021/02/16):

    Official Members: optimu5prime, FutureSand24254, Silentgt3707, NovaGTA355, AADT2803, Porky Pig5423

    Unofficial Members (logo use OK): PrimeSpike83

    Allies + Friends: SiuLmiK, FlaBoyGoose, HayTeVoyMamita, Redemptionman13, OrangeBruler, SpotlessOwl6587; the $TNG and P-61 teams; and more.

    Stay informed: we have a public presence on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and YouTube.

    Anyone else posing as a leader, member or representative of Talons of War is not.

    If in doubt, contact wreckedcarzz.

    Alliances with some. Respected by many. Feared by all.